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The Grilled Cheese Project

Today is National Grilled Cheese Day! Or at least it is in the United States. And as I was born and raised in the States, grilled cheese (or as I used to occasionally call it, toasted cheese) runs in my blood. (Err, not literally. That would be gooey.)

To me, a grilled cheese sandwich is the ultimate comfort food. Paired with a bowl of tomato soup, it can help me can get over any wrong and make the world seem sane again, if only for a little while. It’s a wonderful slate for experimentation, or just eating straight up after a busy day. It’s fast. It’s filling. It’s portion-controlled. What’s not to love about the humble grilled cheese?

Grilled cheese.

Therefore, I took a bit of umbrage with the snotty editorial about the holiday in the Globe and Mail today… Especially the insinuation that the only grilled cheese worth talking about is one that’s been fancied up with extra-stinky cheese or caramelized onions or bourbon-soaked mushrooms or hydroponically-grown tomatoes tended by virgins.

No love for the basic butter, cheese, bread combo? Hmph. Elitist foodie jerks.

Anyway, I figured today would be a good day to launch my Grilled Cheese Project (GCP). This project will be two pronged. First, I’ll be using the GCP tag to document my own homemade grilled cheese adventures. I’ve been making my standard grilled cheese sandwiches ever since I moved out on my own, but I also like experimenting with the basic recipe. A blog I follow called Grilled Cheese Social has some great ideas for twists on the old-school sandwich, and I may try some of her recipes. Also, Winnipeg is lucky to have several awesome cheese shops (as well as several locally made cheeses) so I must try some of these cheeses out in a grilled cheese.

Second, I will use the GCP to look at and write about what is available for grilled cheese in restaurants around Winnipeg. You’d be surprised how many places serve grilled cheese that you wouldn’t expect would have it. Sometimes it’s right on the menu, but sometimes you just have to ask. When evaluating the grilled cheeses I find around town, I will use a modification of the Grilled Cheese Invitational classification system:

  • Basic: The ingredients can only be cheese and bread, and a fat of some kind (usually butter).
  • Fancy: A grilled cheese sandwich that has a variety of ingredients, while still staying recognizable as a grilled cheese sandwich (the Grilled Cheese Invitational rules state that the interior ingredients must be 60% cheese).
  • Dessert: A sweet grilled cheese sandwich that has a variety of ingredients, while still staying recognizable as a grilled cheese sandwich (the Grilled Cheese Invitational rules state that the interior ingredients must be 60% cheese).

This won’t necessarily be a competition, though. I just want to know what Winnipeg can do in terms of a grilled cheese.

So what’s your favourite grilled cheese in Winnipeg? What do you put in the ones you make at home?


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Welcome to the new Winnipeg Eats!

It was a long time coming, but welcome to the new site for Winnipeg Eats!

I’ve been thinking for a while about moving my blog to its own digs for quite some time. A few weeks ago, I got the gumption to go ahead and do it. I didn’t want to change too many things at once, so over the next few months you’re likely to see some changes to the design of the site, as well as a few new features.

With the new site I have some ideas for posts that I’d like to do, including introductions to ingredients or tools you might be unfamiliar with (and where you can find them), more news about food and related events in the Winnipeg area, food and cookbook reviews, and “first impressions” of restaurants. The first impressions will not be a review of the restaurant itself, since I like to only review restaurants that I’ve been to several times. Rather, the first impressions will be a sort of diary of my first trip to a restaurant – what we had, what the prices were like, and the general ambiance. If I am able to do a full review of the restaurant later, I will update the first impressions post with a link to the review. Also, I have a special project that I’m cooking up (haha) and once I have the details figured out I will let you know about it!

So, I hope you enjoy the new site. Don’t forget to update your links and bookmarks, and please subscribe to the RSS feed. I look forward to hearing your comments!


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