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Eye Candy: Cruise Eats

Aaaaand… we’re back! For our tenth anniversary, my husband and I celebrated by taking an Alaskan cruise with a large group of friends. I’d never been on a cruise before, and we’ve always wanted to see Alaska, so now that’s two more things we can cross off our list. (In case you were wondering, we sailed with Celebrity Cruises on the Millennium.)

Anyone who’s ever cruised before knows that there is an amazing amount of food, both on the boat and at the various ports of call. We made a point of trying as much as we could. Our waistlines did not thank us, but our taste buds certainly did. Here is a sampling of the food.

Filet Mignon

Copper River salmon dinner

King crab dinner

Dessert of Champions

First Drink

Light breakfast

Peel And Eat


King Crab

Battered Shrimp

Brie and grapes.

Wine tasting

Drink Package Greatest Hits

Beef Carpaccio

Curried chicken in pineapple

Quail dinner


Head chef on the Celebrity Millennium

Hats off to the chefs!

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Eye Candy: Pancake Brunch

We are up against a deadline at work. No matter how much planning and preparation you do, your plans can be totally derailed if your work depends on other departments. As a result, I have been working a fair amount of overtime lately, and haven’t had much time for writing.

Last weekend, though, I did make time for a communal brunch with friends. One person hosted, while others provided sausage, bacon, eggs, coffee, bread, and all the other things and go into a pancake feast. We even had gluten-free pancakes for our friend with a gluten-intolerance. It was nice to relax, even just for a few hours, and stuff ourselves silly.

Orange Juice


Pancake batter






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Christmas Dinner in Pictures

I hope everyone has had a good holiday. We sure did! And thanks for everyone’s feedback on my poll about traditional Christmas meals. Turkey was the overwhelming favourite, probably due to the high Canadian readership. My husband posed the same question on his blog, which has a fairly high American readership, and the most popular answer there was ham. So there is a difference over the border!

One reader put it this way: “In the USA a lot of people avoid turkey [for Christmas] because everyone just had it for Thanksgiving, but of course that’s less of an issue north of the border where Thanksgiving is celebrated several weeks earlier.” Good point!

Anyway, after some discussions and logistical figuring, we finally settled on a dinner for this evening.

A gorgeous prime rib roast of Manitoba beef. We picked it up from The Carver’s Knife on Wednesday, and they “cradled” the roast for us. That means they sliced off the ribs and retied them turned around the other way, so that they cradled the roast. I used the spice rub from this post in Livejournal’s Food Porn community, and bastardized Alton Brown’s roasting method (sans pottery). The roast was juicy, succulent, melt-in-your-mouth tender, tasty, and perfectly cooked. This is a Do Again!

Prime Rib on Flickr

With the dripping from the roast I made “proper” Yorkshire pudding. I’m well practiced with making popovers, and this is the same idea: a thin batter, leavened with steam. This came out great.

Yorkshire Pudding, on Flickr

We had a bit of a backlog of potatoes from our Fresh Box, so I used this recipe for Roasted Potato Medley: Yukon Gold, red and sweet potatoes, all local.

Roasted Potato Medley on Flickr

Broccoli from our Fresh Box in a lovely cheddar cheese sauce. I wasn’t sure how much sauce the recipe I had would make; now I know it’ll be about two cups worth! We had lots of sauce left. ;)

Would you like some broccoli with that cheese?

…And we finished it off with pumpkin pie, made with roasted, frozen pumpkin that we had bought at the last farmers’ market of the year. I’m stuffed!

Happy holidays to all my readers!

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