About Me

My name is Sarah. I live in Winnipeg, and I like food.

Before moving here from Ohio, I admit that my tastes were very limited. I had my staples that I ate regularly, and only rarely did I venture outside of my comfort zone. Ethnic food meant Chinese buffet. Spicy meant a bit of pepper. Cooking at home meant warming something up in the microwave. It was only when I changed my living arrangement completely that my food sense was shaken up, in great part to my new husband who loved variety in his diet.

In a short time, I was introduced to countless varities of ethnic food, the subtlety and flavour of spices, and the joys of creating a meal at home from scratch. And… sushi – a food considered unthinkably disgusting before I was married – has become my new favorite vice. Winnipeg has an enormous number of restaurants for a city of its size, and lots of food-laden festivals.

A quick disclaimer: I’m not a chef. I’ve never been trained to cook: I’ve learned through reading cookbooks, watching TV and reading recipies online. I wouldn’t know the difference between a roux and a cream sauce unless someone plunked me down and explained it in detail. However: I do like cooking, and I like experimenting. Sometimes I’ll post the results of my experiments, even if they don’t work out. (Don’t worry, I like posting the ones that do work, too!) I’m also not a professional restaurant reviewer, but I know what I like and I like giving my opinions about things. Even if you disagree with one of my reviews, I’d like to hear what you have to say!

About That Picture

The photo I use as the header for the blog was taken by me, at a local sushi chain restaurant called Sushi Train. (From left to right: chopped surf clam roll, California roll, spinach roll, teriyaki chicken roll, fatty salmon nigiri and fatty tuna nigiri.) I consider sushi a major food group.

Up until mid-2010, the photos on this site were mostly taken using my Olympus C-5060 Wide Zoom camera, a camera which has unfortunately been discontinued. I love this camera with the heat of a thousand suns, and when I dropped/broke it last November I was crushed. Fortunately, Don’s Photo here in Winnipeg was able to repair it for about $100. Huzzah!

Although I still love my Olympus and may use it around the house, in the summer of 2010 I got a smaller point-n-shoot: a Sony Cyber-shot DSC-HX5. The main benefit of this smaller camera is that it’s easier to tuck into a bag or purse, enabling me to take pictures whenever we go without having to haul out a significantly larger camera.

All of the photos on my site (except where noted) were taken by me or my husband, and are hosted by Flickr. All of my posts and photos are published under an Attribution, No Derivatives, Noncommercial Creative Commons license. This means you can use my work and photos so long as you give credit, don’t change anything, and do not use it for commercial purposes.

Contacting Me

If people have feedback regarding this blog, I encourage you to use the comment feature on each post. If you would rather discuss something else, you can contact me by email.

17 Responses to About

  1. I just wanted to say hello! I’m so happy I found your blog, a fellow Winnipeger who loves food and keeps a really nice blog!

    Thank you!

  2. Found your web site on Laura Calder’s French Cooking site and as a former Winnipegger and food junkie who has since lived in Southern California and now Vancouver thinks it’s great!

  3. Found your website today….looking for something simple & colorful for dinner… tri-color pasta…your site is terrific so I’ve bookmarked it! Hope to find some time soon to explore it… One thing, how do I print a recipe…. did I miss a button??
    Thanks for sharing:)

  4. Hi, I’m a big fan of your blog, I check it every day to see if you’ve posted anything new! My family is from Winnipeg, so I love to read your posts.

  5. christel

    Hi Sara:

    I am another food-lover from the ‘Peg and I look forward to reading up on your posts in 2009!
    I stumbled upon your blog looking for pretzel recipes—Winnipeg? No way!

    Stay Warm!

  6. Besides is important to eat, is more important to eat healthy.
    Laos is a small restaurant that i had been going for the last month, the food is pretty good fresh, something different to eat, very good.
    the service is great, nice friendly people, i believe the same owners are the one that service there.
    another place is cafesito fiesta, very good sea food, nice and refreshing, the quality of food is pretty good as well.
    if you have a chance check it out and get back to me, i would like to have your feed back and any other places that you suggest is good to go, will be great.
    Happy New Year

  7. Cris

    I’m also a ‘Peg reader. =) I love food & Winnipeg, so I appreciate you sharing news and recipes and photos, etc!
    Dine About Wpg is coming up…are you planning to go? It’s that annual set menu event thingy organized by ciaowinnipeg (btw, I have no affiliation…but thought it might be something your readers would like to hear about). Cheers!

  8. Sarah

    Hi Cris! Yep, I was planning on posting about Dine About Winnipeg once it got a bit closer. :) We went last year (tried out Dessert Sinsations, which was great), but our eating out budget is a bit cramped this year so I’m not sure we’ll be able to manage it. We’ll see though.

  9. Pacific Ponytail

    What’s a great greasy spoon here in town?

  10. Hi Sarah!

    I came across your blog while searching for information on Russian Blue potatoes, because they are so awesome – but so is your blog! I really like it, especially since you’re located in Winnipeg, a city that barely has any voice. I would like to know if I can add it to my blogroll. I have my own food blog called UnReFiNeD: http://nocrapdiet.wordpress.com It’s about eating healthy and sustainably, with lots of vegan recipes and pictures.

    I’ve only been to Winnipeg once and I agree – There are LOTS of restaurants! I don’t eat at restaurants though… But I am interested in learning more about Winnipeg’s local food! I will be starting a big cross-Canada roadtrip in about three weeks and would like to know if you could help inform me about various health food stores, “green” and gardening (farmers markets, etc) events happening in Winnipeg around that time.

    Thanks and keep up the great work! =)

  11. Bob

    Hi Sarah. As a fellow citizen of Winnipeg and food blogger I have to say “HI”.

    I really like what I have read in your blog so far as a foodie I agree that it’s sometimes hard to write objectively about what we put in our mouths but from what I have seen here you do a pretty good job of staying true to your craft.

    Check my writing out if you have time, take care and keep up the good words.



  12. Ashlee

    Hey Sarah…

    I didn’t even realize that you had this blog, but I should have: you’re one of the most dedicated foodies I know.

    I’ve got you bookmarked now though, and will check in for updates!

  13. Deeg33

    I am so happy to have found your blog. I will be moving to winnipeg with my boyfriend this summer from NYC. I am very open and excited to learn all there is about Winnipeg (But am a little nervous as well). I’ve been doing as much research to learn about the city and what to expect- and what better way to learn about a city than through it’s food?!
    I look forward to following along- and if ANYONE has any tips on life in Winnipeg, I’d love to hear them!

  14. Alex

    lovelovelove your blog! Winnipeg has AMAZING food. The small restaurants are our best kept secret! I check it weekly to find new posts. GREAT recipes as well!

    Tips on Winnipeg – DRESS WARM! haha not as bad as it seems. If you put in the effort we have a great social life in winnipeg, there is always festivals whether it be the fringe, food festivals, wine festivals, comedy, cultural, etc I would never leave here! Your moving to a great city.

  15. winnipegfitnessexplorer

    Hi there! I enjoy your blog — just wanted to know if there was a way to subscribe?

    Also, I know it’s a little off topic, but if you’re interested in affordable fitness in Winnipeg I recently started a blog: http://www.winnipegfitnessexplorer.wordpress.com

    Keep up the good work. I love local blogs!

  16. Liz

    Great site, I’m surprised I didn’t find it earlier! I’m an avid reader of food blogs (mainly vegetarian/healthy living blogs) and am happy to see a Winnipeg food blog. Would love to meet up with any fellow Peggers interested in vegetarian/vegan eating!

  17. Hey Sarah,
    Just found your blog and love it! Always great to see a fellow Winnipeg food lover and it just seems right that your name is Sarah too!
    Maybe we’ll bump into each other in a restaurant some day.

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