First Impressions: Fresh Café

I love Corydon, although I admit that we don’t spend as much time there as I’d like. During the summer, the street has a great energy flowing from all the people walking up and down the street and sitting on the patios. There are also a wealth of restaurants on Corydon, many of which are on The List for us to try out.

One of those restaurants is Fresh Café. We made the visit there a few weeks ago on a Saturday morning to try out the breakfast menu. We’d made a few abortive attempts to eat there before, but turned away after seeing a line out the door and mention of a 30-minute wait. This time, though, there was no line, and we were able to be seated immediately. (I’m usually ok with a longer wait for dinner. But for breakfast my blood sugar’s entering crisis mode, and anything longer than 10 minutes is just too long.)

The restaurant’s website managed to score a few points with us before we even arrived by promising to locally source their ingredients whenever possible. The menu has many traditional breakfast favourites, and we quickly picked out our dishes. To drink, we got Kicking Horse coffee (a premium brand out of British Columbia) and loose leaf orange pekoe tea. It would have been nice to see Black Pearl coffee on the menu instead, but I did enjoy my tea that was served in a teacup/strainer that dispensed when it was placed on a glass. We have one at home so I knew how it worked, but our waitress made sure that I’d used one before and wouldn’t try pouring the tea out the top.

This might change a bit once patio season gets going, but the dining room can get loud. The huge windows bring in lots of natural light, but they also do nothing to deaden sound. As a result, the noise was loud enough that conversation was slightly difficult. We may have been there on a particularly rowdy morning, but even if it were quieter the tables are set close enough together that this is not the place for an intimate tete-a-tete.

My eggs with bison sausage were delicious, as were my husband’s sweet potato latkes. The sausage stood out; I am often reluctant to order sausage because it can be greasy and heavy, but the bison links were just juicy and perfectly seasoned. The breakfast entrees, which are served all day, range from $6.50 to $17.50, and lunch items are similarly priced. In addition to a wide range of the usual drinks, Fresh Café also offers fresh juice, shakes, and dairy-free smoothies.

Fresh Café’s extended summer hours started Victoria Day weekend, and they are open at 7am every day. Like all places on Corydon, parking can be an issue (they advertise parking in the rear of the building but it was full when we arrived), but there is usually ample parking on side streets a short walk from the restaurant.

First Impressions is just that – my first impressions of a restaurant. I adhere to the Food Blog Code of Ethics, and prefer to only do a full review of a restaurant after I’ve visited it at least twice, whenever possible. If I write a full review of this restaurant at a later date, I will add the link to this post.

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  1. i’m quite the regular at fresh, as i love the food.
    i have only ever had one bad experience, and i really think it was just an off day for the kitchen….
    delicious breakfast, even better lunch!
    also – the food they do at folk fest is scrumptious!

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