Planning the garden

In the dead of winter, a gardener will look outside. Where another person might only see gently rolling snow drifts, peppered here and there with rabbit tracks, the gardener sees something very different. The gardener will see the possibility of what this spring’s garden could bring. Where others see only snow, a gardener will see neat rows of vegetables.

It's that time of year...

When I was planning out our garden this year, I thought about what “new” veggie we’d try. Every year I like to test a vegetable that I’ve never grown, just to see how well it might do. Sometimes they don’t do well due to the weather: for example, the eggplants did miserably a few years ago due to a wet and chilly summer. But sometimes they do great: last year’s cabbages did very well.

I wanted to try out artichokes this year. Vesey’s (my usual seed vendor) advertised a variety of artichoke that would mature in one season, rather than the usual biennial varieties. But when I went to order, the seeds were back ordered… and back ordered.. and back ordered… Until the date that I would have needed to start them slipped away. Oh well. My schedule is pretty wonky this year anyway, so it might be for the best that I didn’t have a special type of seed to start and rush into the ground. I’ll try them out next year, maybe.

So instead, we’re going to try out pie pumpkins. My husband makes an awesome pumpkin pie, and we have found several recipes that use pumpkin (such as soup, curries, pasta…) Plus, I have a section of garden that is now getting sun (woo hoo), so I’ll try planting some vining plants there to help keep down the weeds.

These are the seeds and sets I ordered this year:

* Sugar snap peas
* Pole beans
* Butterhead lettuce
* Onion sets
* Zuchinni (don’t plant too much, don’t plant too much)
* Pie pumpkins

I think that’s it. We’re also going to buy some tomato and pepper starts from a nursery because I don’t have time to deal with baby tomatoes this year. It’s been a few years since I grew onions, and I’ve never gotten them from sets, so this will be new as well.

Now I just have to wait for the snow to thaw… And the garden to dry out… And some warmer weather…

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  1. good luck on the garden when you have some time come stop by our garden. We are fortunate to have nice warm weather already.

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