Bridge Sals to Close Temporarily; Free Recipes from Peak

Two quick news bits to share with you this morning!

First, the Salisbury House on the Esplanade Riel is apparently having issues with – oh, NO foot traffic this winter. Because of the bitterly cold temperatures, their business has been extremely slow over the past month or so, and they haven’t even been making enough to cover staff wages. Earl Barish, the president of the chain, said that the workers will be moved to other Sals locations.

The restaurant will be closed on January 4th, and will reopen in March.

Esplanade Riel on the Red River

Secondly, Peak of the Market has a deal for Winnipeggers: subscribe to their free email recipe list, and Peak will donate 50 pounds of fresh veggies to Winnipeg Harvest.

The recipes are mostly pretty good, and are vegetable based (of course), but there are some that include beef, pork and chicken. You can also specify how often you want the recipes: daily, Monday to Friday, Tuesdays and Thursdays only, or Tuesdays only (just in case you get a lot of email). Their past archives are available on the website if you want to see the types of recipes you’ll be getting.

Get free recipes and help our Winnipeg Harvest – sounds like a deal to me!

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