Dandelion Eatery to Close

In doing some research about a post I am planning to make soon, I visited the Dandelion Eatery’s website and was floored by the announcement that they are closing. The restaurant, headed by chef Ben Kramer, will be replaced by a deli.

The new Dandelion Deli will offer ready-to-go meals such as organic roasted chicken, pasta bakes and fresh breads. We’ll also expand our selection of premium deli goods including completely natural deli meats, cheeses, salads, wraps, soups and sweet treats.

In addition to this new concept, a multi-purpose room will be created in the new year for lifestyle coaching, a cooking school and private functions. Full-service catering and special event programming is still available.

Visiting the Dandelion Eatery was one of our summer delights, although we admittedly didn’t get over that way as often as we would have liked to. Both the lunch and dinner menus were loaded with new and fantastic tastes, and were heavily West Coast- and Asian-inspired. It was quite easy to pop in there for something light, or to get a substantial meal that would prepare you for a long day of hard work. The atmosphere of the restaurant was just right, too – casual with a gourmet flair.

I’m pretty choked about this, although I’m trying to be positive about what the new deli will bring. We live a fair distance from Osbourne Village, though; picking up ready-to-go meals to take home doesn’t seem practical, since the food will most likely be cold by the time we get home. (I hate warming up pre-made food because it rarely tastes the same.)

Anyway, let this be a warning to you – in the current economy, you never know when your favourite restaurant is going to vanish out from under you with little warning. Like the message from on the Dandelion Eatery’s website says: Take the time to savour your favourites while you can!

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  1. I’m just as choked as you are. I’m now sitting in the deli, having just downed a juice & soup. It’s not same same but it’s still alright.

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