Sydney’s at the Forks (aka, The Fancy Side of The Forks Market)

I’ve been to a lot of restaurants, but there are very few which make me sit back and go “wow.” It takes a unique combination of environment, service and food to knock my socks off, but when it happens I can’t help but think, “We are so coming back here again.”

We first visited Sydney’s at the Forks a few years ago. I had heard some good things about it, and we went there for our anniversary. We have been back several times since, all on special occasions, because our experience has always been superlative. I’m afraid that I’m going to run out of synonyms for “great” in this review because I love this restaurant so much.


Sydney’s offers a prix-fixe, 5-course dinner. The menu for the month is published on their website, so you can pick your selections before arriving at the restaurant, or you can ask your waiter what he recommends. If you need a wine recommendation, ask the sommelier for help: every wine he has suggested for us has been excellent.

The set meal consists of an appetizer, a starter, a sorbet, an entrée, and a dessert. Each course typically has five different choices with an option of an add-on or a special choice for an additional fee. For example, the main course offers exotic game such as red deer or elk instead of the other choices. A selection of breads with spreads made in-house is also presented at the beginning of the meal. The menu sounded a bit restricting when we first visited the restaurant, but I quickly realized that even with only five choices for each course, the decision was really difficult!

I have never been disappointed with anything that I’ve ordered at Sydney’s. The last time we went, I chose “boneless loin of Berkshire pork stuffed with goats cheese & sun-dried tomato, wrapped in prosciutto then finished with a basil pesto.” I had read an article about the Berkshire pork and when I saw that Sydney’s was offering this delicacy, I knew that I had to try it. The pork was incredibly juicy and flavourful, and the cheese and pesto finished it wonderfully. On a previous visit, I chose a dessert of chocolate fondue with fruit and angel food cake for dipping; my husband was almost embarrassed at how much I was ooh-ing and aah-ing over the richness of the dessert.

The service has always been impeccable, and is one of the reasons we find ourselves returning often. We were astonished once to find that the sommelier remembered our two previous wine selections – especially considering that our visits had been about six months apart! Our glasses are never empty, and the staff work hard to make sure we’re never wanting for anything and that each visit is memorable.

If you ever find yourself looking for something “fancy” for dinner to celebrate a special occasion, I highly recommend giving Sydney’s a try. Please don’t overlook the restaurant because it’s at The Forks Market (a site generally focused on family entertainment): this hidden gem, located on the second floor of the market, is an oasis in the bustling and busy venue. Treat yourself!

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