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My first guest blogger post is up on’s Food for Thought blog! Whee! We did a trip to the Red River Ex, and I decided to write about the food we found there. (I’ve encountered a lot of people who have never had “fair” food. This disturbs me! Everyone should be exposed to corn dogs and deep-fried everything at least once.)

There were a few photos they didn’t use, so I figured I’d post them here.

This is the elephant ear mentioned in the last paragraph. They’re huge! I’m partial to funnel cakes myself – something about them not being flat, but having little peaks and valleys that the sauce can get caught in appeals to me.

Elephant Ear

“Make me one with everything,” said the Buddhist monk to the hot dog vendor. After receiving his food, the monk waited patiently for his change, but it did not come. Finally, he asked the vendor about his change, and the vendor replied, “Change must come from within.”

This is a footlong with “everything:” onions, relish, mustard, ketchup and chili sauce.

Footlong Hotdog

And finally, this is one of the dogs from the Superdogs show. I really have to hand it to the photographers who can get those awesome shots of dogs in midair catching frisbees… I have a ton of photos showing a dog on the ground with a frisbee already in its mouth.


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